Why Decoys Don’t Scare Away Geese

Oct 13, 2023

Decoys vs. Geese: Who Wins this Battle?

Make your yard less inhabitable

Do you have a goose problem? You’re not alone. Geese are everywhere, from parks and golf courses to homes and commercial spaces. While Canada geese are beautiful, they can also be a nuisance, especially when they decide to make your property their home. From leaving droppings on your lawn to trampling your delicate landscaping, Canada goose infestations can quickly become a problem.

In their quest to solve this problem, many property owners turn to decoys. Decoys, often made to resemble scarecrows or predators, are strategically placed to scare the geese away. It’s a popular technique, and it seems logical at first glance. However, decoys alone might not be the silver bullet you’ve been hoping for.

Let’s take a closer look at decoys, what can hinder their effectiveness, and why it’s important to consider other solutions.

The Appeal of Decoys

Decoys that mimic natural predators have gained popularity as a geese control method. Before we explain their weaknesses, let’s go over their strengths, and why they can be an effective part of your plan to keep geese away.

Decoys Exploit Instinctual Fear

Geese have evolved with a natural fear of predators, and they are hardwired to be careful around potential threats. When geese spot a decoy that looks like a known predator, their instinctual response is to stay away. This fear can lead them to avoid the area altogether, making predator decoys very effective.

Decoys are Non-Invasive

Decoys don’t take up much space, they aren’t noisy, and they can seamlessly blend into your property’s landscape. If you value maintaining the natural aesthetics of your outdoor spaces, decoys might be worth a try. You can enjoy a goose-free environment without compromising the visual appeal of your property.

Decoys are Cost-Effective

Decoys aren’t very expensive, either. Once purchased, they require minimal maintenance and can last for several seasons, making them a budget-friendly choice for geese mangement. Buying inexpensive coyote decoys means you can address your goose problem while leaving room in your budget for other property improvements.

Why Decoys May Fall Short

Predator decoys can be a great tool to scare geese away from your property, but they may not always provide a complete solution. Here are some problems you may run into if you rely solely on predator decoys:

Geese Adapt

Geese are intelligent and adaptable birds. Over time, they can become accustomed to the presence of predator decoys if they realize there is no real threat. Once they realize the decoys don’t pose any actual danger, the birds may eventually ignore them and return to your property.

Placement and Positioning

The positioning of predator decoys is crucial. If the predator decoys remain in the same location without any movement or change, geese may catch on to their static nature and become less intimidated by them.

Limitations in Coverage

Predator decoys are typically most effective in a localized area where they can create a perceived threat to geese. They may not be practical for covering larger properties or open spaces, leaving some areas vulnerable to geese infestations.

Variety of Predators

Geese in different regions may have varying levels of familiarity with predators. Using the same type of predator decoy may not be effective if the local geese are not naturally wary of that particular species. Geese can learn to distinguish between real predators and decoys if the decoys do not match their local environment accurately.

Seasonal Variations

Geese behavior can vary seasonally. During the breeding season, geese may be more determined to defend their nesting sites and may be less responsive to predator decoys. Understanding the seasonal patterns of geese in your region is essential.

Complementary Deterrents

To enhance the effectiveness of predator decoys, it’s often necessary to combine them with other deterrent methods. This might include noise-making devices, habitat modifications, or the use of trained dogs, which can provide active deterrence and reinforce the perception of danger for geese.

So, while predator decoys can play a role in your geese control plan, they have a lot of weaknesses. We recommend incorporating a variety of strategies and considering alternative solutions…like geese herding with trained dogs!

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Why is Goose Poop Such a Problem?

Looking for a better way to scare geese away from your property? Allow us to introduce you to our solution for managing pesky geese on your property—geese herding with our team of trained border collies! Geese herding is one of the most humane ways to keep geese away from your property. Here’s how our canine companions help you keep your outdoor spaces goose-free.

When you partner with Go Geese Go, we’ll visit your property twice a day with our highly trained herding dogs. Our border collies herd the geese, making them think a predator is stalking them. Once the geese realize that our dogs “own” your land, they learn to stay away. We don’t trap the geese or physically transport them away; we simply train the geese to live elsewhere.

Our team serves Columbus and the surrounding areas of central Ohio. Call us today at (614) 841-GONE to learn more and schedule a free on-site consultation.

The Canine Solution: Geese Herding with Out Team of Skilled Border Collies

Here are some of the benefits of geese herding and why our border collies offer a better way to manage geese on your property:

Environmentally Friendly

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Geese herding is an eco-friendly method that avoids the use of harmful chemicals or toxic substances, which can have adverse effects on the environment, water quality, and other wildlife. Avoiding chemicals and toxins promotes the health and safety of the people, pets, and other wildlife that may visit your property.

Natural & Non-Lethal

Trained dogs tap into geese’s natural instincts, triggering their fear of predators. This method leverages nature’s own mechanisms to keep geese away. Geese herding with trained dogs is a humane and non-lethal approach to geese management. It encourages a peaceful coexistence between humans and wildlife.

Dynamic and Active Deterrence

Unlike static decoys or chemicals, herding dogs provide active deterrence. They patrol your property, creating a dynamic and ever changing threat that geese find challenging to adapt to. Herding dogs are adaptable and can work effectively on various types of properties, from residential homes to parks and corporate campuses. They adjust to their environment and offer versatile coverage.

Preserves Property Aesthetics

When you partner with Go Geese Go, you won’t have to place decoys or apply chemicals on your property that may affect your landscaping. Geese herding helps prevent property damage caused by geese too, including lawn destruction and property staining from droppings.

So, if you’re ready to bid those geese farewell and create a more peaceful outdoor space, it’s time to consider the unmatched power of geese herding. Get in touch with us today, and together, we’ll restore the peace and beauty of your property, all while respecting the balance of nature. Contact us today to learn more and meet our team of border collies!

Other Geese Control Methods

Our favorite goose management strategy is obviously herding, but there are other methods worth exploring depending on your specific needs and circumstances. Here are some more geese control methods that are worth looking into:

Habitat Modification

Modifying your property to make it less appealing to geese is a proactive approach. This can include changes such as altering the landscape, adding vegetation that geese dislike, or installing barriers like fencing or netting. These modifications can discourage geese from visiting your property in the first place.

Noise-Making Devices

Auditory deterrents like sonic repellent devices and propane cannons emit sounds that are disruptive to geese. You can even make your own DIY noise-making device by filling an empty laundry detergent bottle with rocks. These devices create a noisy environment that can make geese uncomfortable, encouraging them to seek quieter areas. However, it’s important to consider the potential impact on nearby residents and wildlife.

Bird Repellents

Chemical bird repellents, when used responsibly, can deter geese by making the treated areas unappealing. These goose repellents are typically applied to grass or other surfaces, and they create an unpleasant taste or odor for geese. Ensure that any chemicals used are safe for the environment and follow recommended guidelines.

Visual Scare Tactics

Visual scare tactics involve the use of reflective objects, like Mylar balloons or holographic tape, to startle and discourage geese. The unexpected visual stimuli disrupt geese and make them feel unsafe.

Nesting Disruption

During the breeding season, preventing geese from nesting on your property is crucial. This can involve the removal of nests, though it may require legal permits. Nest management should be carried out with care and in accordance with local regulations.

Professional Wildlife Management Services:

Seeking the expertise of professional wildlife management services like Go Geese Go can provide a comprehensive approach to geese control. Sometimes we combine multiple strategies, including herding with trained dogs, habitat modification, and ongoing monitoring to create a customized solution for your property.

It’s essential to evaluate your property’s unique characteristics, the local geese population, and your goals when selecting the most suitable bird control method. In some cases, a combination of these methods may be the most effective way to maintain a goose-free environment while respecting the natural balance of your outdoor spaces.

Remember that each method has its advantages and limitations. When you partner with us, we can help you make an informed decision based on your specific needs and objectives.

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It’s clear that decoys can serve as a valuable tool in deterring geese from your property, but it’s important to acknowledge their limitations, such as the need for regular repositioning and the potential adaptation of geese over time.

Geese herding with trained dogs is a more dynamic and sustainable solution. It leverages the power of nature’s own deterrent—the fear of predators—offering long-term effectiveness, versatility across property types, and a humane approach to keeping birds off your property.

The best strategy is often a combination of methods. By combining geese herding with other tools like decoys or habitat modifications, you can create a comprehensive geese management plan tailored to your specific property and needs.

We understand that choosing the right geese management strategy can be a daunting task. That’s why we’re here to help. Our team can assess your property, discuss your goals, and recommend the most suitable methods for your unique situation. Whether it’s geese herding, decoys, or a combination of both, we’ll work with you to ensure your outdoor spaces remain as goose-free as possible.

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