How To Keep Geese Away

Keep Geese Off Your Property With Go Geese Go

Canada geese are common visitors to residential and commercial properties, especially those with lush yards and ponds. Unfortunately, this bird is a nuisance and it’s best to keep it away. Go Geese Go is your team of experts in goose control, with years of experience serving the Central Ohio area. We humanely remove geese and help keep geese away, so you can enjoy a better property that’s as goose-free as possible. Contact us today to schedule your bird control service.

What’s Attracting These Birds to Your Yard?

An ideal habit for a Canada goose includes water, food and safe nesting sites. If your property includes a pond or water runoff area, bird feeders or residents who like to feed the geese, manicured grass and no predators, what you have is a “goose heaven.” Canada geese are also fond of the buildings, rooftops and parking islands found in urban areas, as these make great nesting spots. This type of bird will return to the same nesting spot for up to about 12 years, so making your property less appealing to the bird is an important step for bird control and keeping geese away.

Problems For Homes and Businesses

Geese can cause a lot of problems for residential and commercial properties. Not only is this bird the source of loud, annoying honking, it can also be aggressive in the spring and summer and harass your residents. This can be a liability issue for you, potentially making you liable for any injuries a bird causes.

This bird can also cause damage, eating and killing your grass and making it difficult to care for your lawn. A single Canada goose bird poops up to two pounds per day, leaving droppings all over sidewalks and grass. This makes these areas hard to navigate, not to mention disgusting.

Additionally, having this bird on your property poses sanitary concerns. Geese can carry viruses and parasites, as well as bacteria that can be transferred through biting, bird feces and nasal discharge. It’s crucial to get your bird population under control.

How To Make Geese Stay Away

The key to bird control and keeping geese away is to make your property an undesirable habitat for a bird. While we’re happy to do this for you, there are bird control steps you can take on your own, including making changes to your land, using netting, using goose repellent and more. Here’s a look at how to keep geese away.

Solutions For Water

If you have a pond or water runoff area, prevent geese from landing by covering the water with netting. You can create the netting by placing wire across the pond in the shape of a grid, forming netting with 12-inch squares. The netting should be placed 8 inches up from the water. This allows mallard ducks to access the water just fine, but prevents geese from being able to land or walk in the water.

Solutions For Land

To keep geese off of your yard, it’s helpful to remove their food source. If you have bird feeders or wildlife feeders present, remove them. Ask your family or tenants not to feed the geese. When a bird returns to your property and realizes there is no food, it will find somewhere else to go.

If you know where the bird typically nests, place a large object that’s too heavy for the bird to move in that spot to deter it from nesting there in the future. Canada geese will return to their nesting site for 8 to 10 years, but adding a large object in their nesting spot will force them to nest elsewhere.

You can also use goose repellent to help control your property’s bird population and keep geese away.

Hire A Professional

Do-it-yourself goose control can require a lot of inconvenient and time-consuming work. Instead, let the professionals handle bird control for you. Go Geese Go will visit your property twice per day from February through October to humanely evict geese from your yard and deliver better bird control results.

Go Geese Go Can Help

Go Geese Go gets geese to leave your property without touching or hurting a bird. The geese will take flight and eventually learn to stay away, so you can keep geese off your yard.

We’ll visit your property twice per day, typically from February through October, although year-round bird control service is available. Our herding dogs are highly trained to herd the geese, using their instincts to stalk their prey with their eyes and then scare the bird off. The bird believes a predator is stalking them, and will eventually learn that the dogs “own” the property and they should avoid them. The geese will choose to live somewhere else and keep away without us having to transport them off of your property. This is the most humane way to remove geese and keep the bird away.

Our herding team consists of border collies, a breed known for their intelligence, athleticism and energy. They have excellent herding instincts and love their bird control work. Border collies effectively get geese to leave your yard by using a “herding eye” – an intense stare that’s used when stalking prey. The dogs wait for the right moment to make their move, and then the geese take flight.

Our border collies are trained by one of the top dog trainers in the country, and receive obedience training and herding training before joining our bird control team. When not working, our dogs enjoy a heated and air conditioned building and five acres of land to play on.

If you’re struggling with a goose control problem and need a better solution, Go Geese Go can help. Contact us today to learn more.

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Geese come with a variety of problems, including property damage, disease and aggressive behavior towards your residents. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to scare each bird so they’ll take flight and stay away. If you don’t want to handle goose control on your own, Go Geese Go is always here to help. Give our experts a call at (614) 841-GONE to learn more and schedule service.