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There are lots of geese control methods out there, but which ones are the best? Here are some of the most humane and effective ways to remove geese from your property. We saved the best goose management technique for last…

3 Methods of Geese Management

Goose Repellents

Goose Repellents

Applying a liquid goose repellent product like Flight Control is one of the most well-known ways to repel birds from your property and can be done by the property owner. When geese eat turf treated with Flight Control, they experience temporary digestive irritation, which conditions them to look elsewhere for food. (away from your property!)

Liquid repellents like Flight Control also act as a visual deterrent. Unlike humans, geese and other birds see in the ultraviolet spectrum. Flight Control has a UV marker in it that the geese can see on the grass. This way, geese can see the difference between turf that has been treated and turf that has not. They won’t want to live on a property covered with liquid deterrent after experiencing the digestive irritation associated with it.

WARNING: if a goose succeeds in laying an egg in a nest, you must cease all goose repellent and scare tactics immediately, and apply for a permit from the Ohio Division of Wildlife.

Habitat Alterations

Habitat Alterations

Remove food sources. Remove all birdfeeders and wildlife feeders for a season. Although birdfeeders are placed for the songbirds, geese quickly learn that it is a food source and will visit just to feed. Ask visitors not to feed the geese and post signs to discourage feeding. Human food isn’t healthy for birds, and they will always return for food.

Install nets or wiring. If you have a pond or a lake on your property, grid it with wire if it’s not too large. Run wire across your pond in 12 inch checkerboard squares, 8 inches off the water. The grid will be too small and too low for geese to land or walk in. Smaller birds like mallards and other ducks shouldn’t be affected.

Use strategic landscaping. There are a few landscaping tricks you can use to make your property less goose-friendly. Tall, dense plantings are good deterrents because geese know a predator could be hiding in them. If you can, place plants or trees along the shorelines of water on your property to create a barrier. Geese love areas with open sight lines (to see predators coming), so the more landscaping the better.

Scare Tactics

Scare Tactics

Visual goose deterrents. There are lots of predator decoys you can buy to scare geese off of your property but they are mostly ineffective. Installing “scare tape” in areas where they like to feed can help. Geese are smart, however, so they may ignore simple scare devices after a while.

Audio goose deterrents. You can also buy audio systems that play prerecorded goose calls and predator noises. These systems can be expensive and require professional installation. Again, these products might work at first, but become ineffective. Why Are Geese Aggressive?

Trained herding dogs. According to the Humane Society of the United States, the most effective way to scare Canada geese away is with trained goose-herding dogs. This is obviously our favorite goose control method too!

Problems For Homes and Businesses

Humane Geese control with Go Geese Go

Don’t have time to try all of the methods above? Contact Go Geese Go take care of your Canada geese problem for you.

Go Geese Go humanely removes geese from your property by using our highly-trained working dogs to scare the geese away. Our border collies will visit your property twice a day to herd the geese. The birds perceive our dogs as predators, so they’re forced to fly away and look for a safer place to live. Our dogs are trained to scare geese on land and in the water.

Why border collies, you ask? The border collie breed was developed specifically to herd sheep and other livestock at the Scottish borders. The breed is known for their “herding eye” – an intense gaze that they use to stalk other animals. Border collies are extremely intelligent, athletic, and their herding instincts make them the ideal solution for evicting pests from your property. Read more about our dogs and why we use border collies here.

At the end of the day, there is no magic goose repellent, landscaping trick, pond design, noise maker, flashing light or fake coyote that will scare geese away for good. The best way to scare them away is by having a live predator consistently invade their “home” day after day.

Our favorite properties to work with include corporate campuses, class “A” office buildings, industrial properties, shopping centers, hospitals, medical facilities, municipal parks, recreation facilities, and athletic fields.

Go Geese Go serves the Columbus and Central Ohio area. For more information about our services, call the geese professionals today at (614) 841-GONE (4663) or fill out the contact form below.

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