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Our goal is to make your property as goose free as possible. We will evict your “resident” geese and not allow new birds to take up residence. Although birds may visit in between our visits or attempt to nest in the spring, we will not tolerate re-establishment of residency. It is through the consistency of twice a day visits that results are achieved. We believe that our customers are our greatest asset and we are dedicated to serving your needs.

Founded in 2000, Go Geese Go is a geese removal service and achieves near goose-free properties exclusively through the use of highly trained border collies. A typical seasonal service agreement includes two visits per day beginning in mid February through October. We do operate year round for those clients who just do not want geese on their property ever! Our goose dogs have a minimum of two years training and are purchased from one of the top trainers in the United States. Dog training continues year round at our kennels keeping the dogs sharp with our goat herd.

When we arrive on your property, the geese will quickly move to your pond for perceived safety. Through a combination of the dogs swimming and remote control boats, we stay at it until the geese fly off. The geese are educated that there are no safe areas on your property. Birds will return from time to time to test if the dogs are still around. Unfortunately your property will always be attractive to geese so the service has to be maintained as long as you wish to keep them off your property.

Did You Know…

A single goose poops up to 2 lbs per day, every day. Multiply that by the amount of geese flocking your property, and the number of geese droppings are staggering. Goose poop is a danger to pets and humans as it contains E. coli, it can cause slips and falls, and other potential liabilities to the property owner.

Full grown Canada Geese measure between 30 to 45 inches in length and have a wingspan between 50-75 inches and weigh over 20 pounds.

Female geese have a lower voice than the males.

Canada geese live up to 25 years and return to the same nesting site 8-12 years.

Our Clients

We now service close to 200 properties in and around the Columbus area. Our clients include class A office buildings, corporate campuses, industrial parks, logistics facilities, property management firms, hospitals, medical facilities, landscape companies, office condominiums, churches, city parks, athletic facilities, hotels and shopping centers.

Our Clients

The difference Go Geese Go has made is remarkable. The residents can walk their dogs in goose poop free grass and the encounters with the birds have gone to zero. Goose issues used to be the number 1 complaint, it is so nice to hear positive comments now. Property managers from our sister locations have reported the same results. Keep up the great work!

Laura C | Property Manager
Large Apartment Ownership in Columbus

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