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Since early 2000, our goal has been to make your property as goose free as possible. We will evict your “resident” geese and run off any “transient” birds that stop by. Although we cannot guarantee that you will never see another goose, we will do our best to make it that way! We offer geese control from mid-February through October with visits twice daily, and even through the winter if needed.

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Have You “Herd” About Go Geese Go?

Have You “Herd” About Go Geese Go?

One of the most humane ways to deal with your goose problem is to hire Go Geese Go. Our goal is to make your property as goose free as possible without ever touching or harming the geese. We visit your property twice a day with our highly trained herding dogs. The dogs will herd the geese causing them to believe they are being stalked by a predator. Once the dogs are established as “owning” your property, the local goose population will learn to stay away. Go Geese Go does not transport geese off your property; the geese simply choose to live elsewhere.

There are many geese control methods, but ignoring it is not the answer. The goose population continues to increase every year because humans have built goose heavens! Codes require water run-off ponds surrounded by luscious and manicured green grass. Also when good intentioned humans feed the geese, the geese lose their natural fear of humans and become even more of an issue.

The difference Go Geese Go has made is remarkable. The residents can walk their dogs in goose poop free grass and the encounters with the birds have gone to zero. Goose issues used to be the number 1 complaint, it is so nice to hear positive comments now. Property managers from our sister locations have reported the same results. Keep up the great work!

Laura C | Property Manager
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