Three geese standing on a field

How And Why Our Goose Control Services Work

The Canada geese and snow geese have populated neighborhoods, parks, condos, apartment complexes, office parks, corporate headquarters, schools, golf courses, sports facilities, medical complexes, shopping centers, professional offices and churches.

They foul ponds, ruin lawns and picnic areas, make navigating sidewalks and parking lots difficult and can be downright disgusting. During the spring and summer, their aggressive behavior have become a major liability problem wherever they are allowed to live, possibly holding the property owner liable for injuries incurred.

The geese no longer tend to migrate if provided food and water year round. We have built “goose heavens” with retention ponds, manicured grass and no predators. Our typical program includes two visits per day beginning in February and continuing through October but many clients employ us year round. With twice a day visits, resident geese are evicted and new arrivals are quickly expelled. In a nutshell, we just don’t allow the geese to be there.