Getting Rid of Geese Columbus Ohio

Geese Control Services for Commercial Properties in Columbus, Ohio

Geese Control Services for Commercial Properties in Columbus, Ohio

Geese can cause a lot of damage to your corporate property. From leaving messy droppings (loaded with e-coli) on sidewalks and pathways to eating (and killing) the grass and harassing passersby; geese can truly be a nuisance. Go Geese Go will work to rid your property of geese by making the area as uncomfortable as possible, so they fly away and find a new home.
How Do You Get Rid of Geese?

How do you get rid of geese?

We use highly-trained herding dogs for goose control. Border Collies possess an instinctive trait where they use their eyes to stalk their prey. This upsets the geese quickly, causing them to flee. Doing this twice a day on a regular basis, eventually conditions the geese to stay away.
How Do You Scare Geese Away on Water?

How do you scare geese away on water?

If you have a pond, we use a combination of swimming the dogs and remote-controlled boats. We also use lasers and shakers to make noises the geese hate. All these techniques combined scare the geese away.
Our Dogs are Trained to Scare Geese, Not Harm Them

Our dogs are trained to scare geese, not harm them.

The goal is to make the geese leave and find another home. Our dogs are trained to harass, not harm, the geese. Since geese will come back to the same nesting site year after year, we want them to nest and live comfortably someplace else.

Will the dogs cause a disturbance at work?

Our first visit to a corporate property does generate some interest. It’s natural for your employees to wonder what’s going on if they see our dogs. But after a few weeks, we kind of become invisible. Plus, our visits may get shorter as the birds are being trained to stay away.

How do you get rid of geese?

Corporate Campuses

Class “A” Office Buildings

Hospitals and Medical Facilities

Corporate Holdings

You’ve worked hard to create a beautiful campus for your employees and customers to enjoy. Don’t let messy, and potentially aggressive, geese ruin your property or cause harm to anyone onsite.

For corporate geese control services, call today for a free onsite consultation at (614) 841-GONE. Go Geese Go serves Columbus, Ohio, and the central Ohio area.

What’s Attracting These Birds to Your Yard?

Did You Know…

A single goose poops up to 3 lbs per day, every day. Multiply that by the amount of geese flocking your property, and the number of geese droppings are staggering. Goose poop is a danger to pets and humans as it contains E. coli, it can cause slips and falls, and other potential liabilities to the property owner.

Full grown Canada Geese measure between 30 to 45 inches in length and have a wingspan between 50-75 inches and weigh over 20 pounds.

Female geese have a lower voice than the males.

Canada geese live up to 25 years and return to the same nesting site 8-12 years.

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