Residential Geese Control Services Columbus, Ohio

Residential Geese Control Services in Columbus, Ohio

Making a residential property as goose-free as possible requires a lot of time and patience. Why? The geese in these neighborhood and community settings are exposed to dogs every day, so when we bring in our herding dogs it takes additional time and effort to get the geese to leave. Plus, residents with outside bird feeders, or who feed the geese by hand, are just encouraging the geese to stick around and continuously return, making our job much more difficult.

Our goal is to make living on your property uncomfortable for the geese so they nest someplace else. Our dogs are trained to scare, not harm, the geese to make them fly away and find a new home. Keep in mind: due to the residential nature of these area, however, we may need to spend more time than usual on the property, which may incur a higher price.

Residential clients we work with include:

Condo Associations

Homeowner Associations  (HOAs)

Apartment Communities

For residential geese control services, call today for a free onsite consultation at (614) 841-GONE. Go Geese Go serves Columbus, Ohio, and the central Ohio area.

Did You Know…

A single goose poops up to 3 lbs per day, every day. Multiply that by the amount of geese flocking your property, and the number of geese droppings are staggering. Goose poop is a danger to pets and humans as it contains E. coli, it can cause slips and falls, and other potential liabilities to the property owner.

Full grown Canada Geese measure between 30 to 45 inches in length and have a wingspan between 50-75 inches and weigh over 20 pounds.

Female geese have a lower voice than the males.

Canada geese live up to 25 years and return to the same nesting site 8-12 years.

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