How To Stop Geese From Pooping in Yard

Mar 28, 2022

Prevent geese from causing a mess

Having geese on your property can be extremely aggravating. Not only are these birds noisy, but they can leave your yard extremely messy. Goose poop makes it difficult for people to navigate the lawn and it poses a health threat to your tenants and guests. Luckily, there are several ways you can keep geese away and prevent geese from pooping in your yard.

The most effective solution is to hire a company experienced in getting geese to leave your land, like Go Geese Go. Our herding dogs are excellent at scaring geese away and making them believe your land is no longer an ideal habitat. We serve residential and commercial properties in the Columbus, Ohio area from February through October and are available year-round, if needed. Contact us today to learn more.

Why is Goose Poop Such a Problem?

Why is goose poop such a problem?

A goose can produce up to two pounds of poop per day. Multiply that by the number of geese on your property, and you can imagine how quickly your land could become a mess. This mess is not only gross, but it can make it difficult for people to enjoy the lawn. Goose poop can also spread diseases. If you are struggling to control the goose population on your property and have lots of goose droppings present, it’s important to take action and find ways to make these birds go away.

It’s a nuisance

Tenants and guests on your property should be able to enjoy the lawn. Unfortunately, goose poop makes it difficult to walk, play games, or sit and relax on the lawn without stepping or sitting in droppings. It also makes the yard look messy. Keeping geese from pooping in your yard can help you provide people with a more pleasant environment.

It may lead to disease

Canada geese may carry bacteria and viruses that are able to spread through feces. E. coli, Listeria, chlamydiosis, Salmonella, and Pasteurella multocida are all parasites that geese may have and can be harmful to humans. E. coli is especially a concern during Ohio summers, as this parasite flourishes in warm weather. Geese are also prone to catching and spreading avian influenza.

Geese can make a mess of your yard

Did you know that a single goose can eat up to four pounds of grass in one day? Geese can also poop as often as once every 12 minutes and leave behind up to two pounds of poop per day. Think about how many geese roam your property. It’s no wonder the lawn can become so messy so quickly. A lawn covered in droppings is difficult to walk through or enjoy without getting shoes or clothing dirty. A large amount of poop also poses a health risk to tenants and visitors. Plus, a yard covered in poop doesn’t look nice. Goose control is important for ensuring your land is clean and safe for guests.

Ponds Can Become Contaminated

Ponds can become contaminated

Geese poop can contaminate the water in your pond and negatively affect the plants and animals living there. Since geese poop so much each day, that poop can easily end up in the water. When this happens, the nitrogen and phosphorous in the poop contribute to eutrophication, a process that causes algae and weeds to grow. Although this is a naturally occurring process, poop from geese can speed it up and create a hazard. The increase in algae and weeds reduces the amount of oxygen in the water, which can damage the plant life and kill fish.

What’s attracting the geese?

There are several potential reasons why your yard is so appealing to geese: the birds have food, shelter, and are safe from predators. When you know what’s attracting these birds, it’s easier to figure out how to keep geese from pooping on your lawn.


Geese eat grass as well as the vegetation in ponds. They will also eat food from bird feeders and food that humans share. If your lawn is well manicured, has water, and food is easily accessible, geese are likely to enjoy your property.


Geese typically mate for life, and when they find a nesting spot they like, they’ll come back to that spot for up to 12 years. They prefer areas that are close to water and have a clear view of potential predators. Geese also like to nest in urban areas against buildings and on rooftops, as well as on parking islands.

Lack of predators

If you have a lot of geese in your yard, odds are that they feel safe there. Your land likely has little to no predators, making it the perfect spot for geese to reside.

Why Are Geese Aggressive?

How to keep geese from pooping in your yard
If geese keep pooping in your yard, it’s time to take action. The best way to keep geese from making a mess of your land is to keep them away from your yard altogether. There are several ways you can prevent geese from calling your property home, but the most effective is to hire a professional goose control company like Go Geese Go. Here’s how to stop geese from pooping in your yard.

Hire a professional goose control company

Do-it-yourself solutions for goose control can take a lot of time and aren’t always effective. Let Go Geese Go take care of your bird problem for you. We’ll visit your yard twice per day and let our herding dogs chase the geese off the lawn. Our goose removal service does not involve capturing the geese or hauling them off your property. Instead, our dogs simply scare the birds away so they find somewhere else to live. Our dogs do not touch the geese, making this a humane and effective solution.

Remove their food source

Geese will be less interested in your yard if there isn’t food for them. Help keep these birds away by removing bird feeders from your property and asking tenants and guests to not feed the geese. As the geese realize you don’t have food for them, they’ll look for food elsewhere.

Make it difficult to nest

When a Canada goose finds an ideal nesting spot, they’ll return for years. To help discourage nesting, identify the places where geese have previously nested and place a large, heavy object there. Make sure the birds won’t be able to move the object. This will force them to go away and find somewhere else to nest.

Use a repellent to make them go away

Goose repellent can help make your yard less appealing to geese. One type of repellent is a grass treatment that’s spayed on the grass after you cut it. When geese eat the treated grass, they will experience digestive discomfort and be discouraged from eating there again. Unfortunately, these grape-based products aren’t always effective and require continuous applications.

Another type of repellent is a device you can make to scare away the geese. Fill an empty laundry detergent bottle with rocks and tie a rope to it. Then, shake the bottle while walking towards the geese to scare them away.

Keep your pond covered

Geese love water, so it’s helpful to cover your pond to keep these birds from accessing it. To do this, use wire to create a grid over your pond. Form the grid with 12-inch squares and position the grid 8 inches above the water. Mallard ducks will still be able to reach the water, but geese won’t.

How Go Geese Go works

When you want to keep Canada geese and their poop away from your yard, contact Go Geese Go. We’ll visit your yard twice a day with our highly trained herding dogs, who chase geese off of the lawn and out of the water without touching or hurting them. Believing your property to be inhabited by predators, the geese find somewhere else to live.

Frequent visits from Go Geese Go encourages resident geese to go away and prevents new geese from sticking around. Our goal is to make your yard as goose-free as possible so you can enjoy a poop-free yard. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

Practice these safety measures when you have a messy lawn

It can take some time to clean up the poop from geese in your yard. In the meantime, be careful not to track in poop via your shoes, as this can spread bacteria. Be sure to clean your shoes and check them before entering your home or building. If you have kids and they encounter geese feces, wash their hands immediately to avoid spreading germs if they touch their face. If you have pets that have been around geese or a messy yard, clean their paws to help stop the spread of bacteria.

Should you plan to clean up your yard by hand, make sure to wear protective gloves when handling feces and always wash your hands when you’re done. Still, the best way to protect yourself from bacteria and disease is to avoid getting close to geese poop.

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