What Are The Reasons To Use A Professional Geese Control?

Nov 13, 2023

Canada geese may not seem like a big problem at first, but they can quickly become a nuisance for your property, tenants, and guests. From relentless honking and unsightly droppings to aggression during nesting season, Canada geese can hard to control, and managing an infestation is no small feat. That’s where professional Canada goose control companies come to the rescue. Whether you’re a business owner, property manager, or homeowner, you can benefit from professional Canada geese control services.

Why Use a Professional Goose Control Company?

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While you can attempt to control your Canada goose population on your own, it’s better to hire a company that specializes in the control and management of geese. Professional geese management and control is more effective than do-it-yourself methods of control like decoys of predators or geese repellent spray from Flight Control. Using a goose control company also saves you time and energy by not having to do all the control work yourself. Additionally, companies offer expertise and a humane control solution to your Canada geese problem.

More Effective Than DIY Solutions

One of the biggest reasons to use geese control services is they are more effective than do-it-yourself control methods. Goose control companies understand what motivates geese and know the proper actions to take to get geese to leave your yard and prevent geese from nesting on your land in the first place. Professional methods of control like using border collie dogs to chase away geese and make the birds think that your land is unsafe is far more effective than homemade goose control solutions.

There are a variety of DIY methods for the control and management of Canada geese. However, they’re not always effective for very long, and tend to be inconvenient. Some popular DIY solutions include:

Remove Their Food Source: Canada geese prefer areas where food is readily available, such as areas near water. To help prevent geese from taking over your yard, remove their food source. If there are bird feeders present, take them down. If people feed the geese, ask them to stop. You can also spray the grass with a repellant that causes digestive discomfort in the geese. Unfortunately, these control solutions require you to take frequent action, and quickly become ineffective if you stop.

Cover the Water: If there is a pond on your land, create a net over the water by running wire about 8 inches above the surface of the water to form 12-inch squares. This will prevent geese from landing in the water, but still allows access to mallard ducks. Again, this solution requires time and energy on your part.

Block the Nest: Once the geese have flown away for the season, control the environment by placing a large object at their nesting site to prevent the birds from using it in the future. Unfortunately, if you have other ideal nesting areas, the geese may just use those instead when they return. Additionally, you cannot block nests that currently have eggs.

Scare the Geese Away: Install decoys of predatory animals to make the geese think your yard or body of water is too dangerous. You can also use noisemaking devices to scare away the geese. However, geese are smart, and may eventually realize they are in no real danger and stop being intimidated by these methods of control.

The most effective way to make your land seem uninhabitable to Canada geese is through goose control and management services offered by professionals.

Save Time and Energy

How Do I Keep Geese Away From My Pond?

Managing an infestation of geese is a lot of work that requires a considerable amount of time and energy. From researching strategies to shopping for and installing geese deterrents to implementing and maintaining the control strategies, goose control quickly becomes a chore. Hiring professionals allows you to focus on other tasks while the pros address your Canada geese management and control needs. They can handle the entire geese management and control process, from the initial assessment of the problem to implementing their bird control tactics.


Canada goose control companies understand the behavior, habits, and biology of Canada geese and have a strong grasp of local, state, and federal regulations regarding geese management and control. Professionals ensure that any action they take to control the Canada goose population on your land is in strict accordance with the law.

Experts in geese control have experience working in a variety of environments and scenarios and are equipped to handle any geese problem effectively. Whether you own or manage commercial, industrial, or residential property, you can count on goose control pros to have the knowledge and skills necessary to rid your yard geese.   


Hiring experts in Canada geese management and control is a great way to ensure that the techniques used are humane. Pros often have a commitment to responsible and ethical wildlife control and management. These humane techniques encompass a wide range of strategies that deter geese without causing harm to the birds. From using specialized dogs for non-lethal harassment to employing habitat modification techniques, experts aim to keep your yard as goose-free as possible without hurting the geese. This humane approach aligns with ethical and environmental considerations as well as contributes to a more sustainable and eco-friendly approach to goose control. It ensures that the delicate balance between human needs and wildlife conservation is maintained.

How Does Professional Goose Management Work?

Why Remove Geese from Your Golf Club?

Using dogs to remove geese from your yard is a humane and effective solution used by experts in geese management and control. This is the approach we take at Go Geese Go. Our highly trained border collies visit your property on a regular basis to herd the geese. Although the dogs won’t hurt the geese, the birds perceive them to be a threat and decide to find safer areas to live. Our border collies are excellent at scaring the geese away from your yard. If the geese fly into water on your property, our working dogs are happy to go for a swim to keep chasing the geese. Frequent visits from the border collies deter existing geese from returning to your yard and help prevent new geese from becoming resident geese.

Border collies are perfect for controlling and managing geese because their breed was developed to herd sheep and other livestock. These dogs have herding instincts and a “herding eye” – an intense stare they use when stalking, making the geese feel like the dogs are hunting them. Border collies are also athletic, extremely intelligent, and quick thinkers.

At Go Geese Go, we typically bring our border collies to your place twice per day, from February through October. Depending on your geese management and control needs, we can visit year-round.

Why Should You Keep Canada Geese Out Of Your Yard?

Canada geese can cause a variety of problems for your yard and anyone who gets close to the birds. From killing the grass to leaving messy droppings to posing health and safety risks to humans, Canada geese can do a lot of damage.   

Overgrazing: Geese love manicured lawns, but they eat and kill grass, making it difficult to keep your yard looking nice. It can also be expensive to reseed patches of the lawn, and geese are likely to return and damage the new grass, too.

Mess: Did you know that a single Canada goose poops up to two pounds per day? As these droppings are left on grass, sidewalks, pathways, and more, these areas can quickly become disgusting messes. This also makes it difficult for people to maneuver your property.

Noise: Geese can be incredibly irritating thanks to their loud and distracting honking.

Aggression: The geese breeding season takes place in early spring, and Canada geese can become aggressive. This is especially true if they believe their eggs or goslings are in danger. If people get too close to the birds or their nests, the geese may harass and potentially injure people. If this occurs on your property, you may be held liable for injuries.

Diseases: Canada geese can carry a variety of viruses, parasites, and bacteria that can be spread through feces, nasal discharge, and biting, putting the health of people and pets at risk.

The best way to protect your tenants and guests as well as keep your land and water clean is to keep geese away.

What Should You Do if You See a Goose Nest?

If you see a nest, it may be tempting to remove it. However, if there are eggs in the nest, you’re required to leave it alone. The Migratory Bird Treaty Act prohibits people in the US from disturbing the nest when eggs are present unless you have a permit from the state’s wildlife service to move the nest. You are also prohibited from harassing the geese parents.

When the geese leave for the season and the nest is no longer in use, you can place a large, heavy object in the nesting site to prevent geese from using it in the future. The object should be too big and heavy for the geese to move, such as a boulder.

You can also take steps to make your yard a less appealing habitat to nesting geese. The best solution is to hire experts in Canada geese management and control. You can also take down bird feeders, cover bodies of water with a wire net, spray the grass with liquid repellent, and deploy noisemakers and decoys to scare away geese.

About Our Team

It can be difficult to control the Canada geese on your land if it features food, water, and shelter – which this pest loves. The Go Geese Go team is here to help keep your yard as Canada goose-free as possible. Since 2000, we have been helping commercial and residential properties in central Ohio rid their yards of geese with help from our highly trained border collies. Each season, we bring our dogs to you twice per day and work with them to chase away Canada geese. If the birds move to the water, we can have our dogs or remote-controlled boats chase them until they take flight and leave. When the geese realize there are no safe areas, they find somewhere else to live.

Our border collies come from one of the best trainers in the country and each has at least two years of training before they get to work. They also practice their skills by herding the goats on our five acres of land surrounded by fences.

The geese management and control services from Go Geese Go are ideal for corporate campuses, shopping centers, industrial properties, hospitals and other medical facilities, athletic fields and recreation facilities, municipal parks, and more. To learn more about work, contact us today.