Meet Mack and the Team

Nov 14, 2018

Meet MackPlease help us in welcoming the newest member of our team: Mack!

Mack is a 4-year-old Border Collie that loves to herd and swim with his doggy coworkers. As a “good boy in training,” Mack has been herding goats and will eventually work his way up to geese. Although he’s a little cautious with new people and surroundings, he warms up quickly and always brings his big smile to work.

Meet the rest of the team

Mack’s working partner is Cash, the big smiler on the right below. Cash has been an amazing herder for the past 8 years, but he’s beginning to slow a bit. We brought Mack in to assist him, and he’s been a huge help. Mack and Cash work well together as both are extreme swimmers and relentless geese chasers. Cash deserves to start taking it easy, and we’re thrilled to have Mack here to help.

Meet the Rest of the Team
The handsome, blue-eyed boy on the left is Spot, and Syd is in the middle. Spot and Syd are both retired and like to relax all day. With their working days behind them, they are content to do very little. They both worked hard in their day, so their retirement is well earned!

When our team isn’t working, they enjoy leaping in the tall grass around our house and visiting food trucks together. They also love DQ ice cream cones and hanging out with their friends: Oliver the pig, Lash and Manche the horses, and Lucy and Finnigan the pigmy goats.

If you’d like to see our team of Border Collies in action, contact us for a free consultation at (614) 841-GONE (4663), at, or on our contact page.