What To Do If I Encounter A Goose Nest Or Eggs On My Property?

Jan 16, 2024

How Geese Decide Where to Nest

Generally, a goose will seek out open areas that allow them to see predators coming towards them. They also will look for areas that dont have physical obstacles for their young geese to get past after they have hatched since newborn geese arent able to fly right away. They may look for a nesting site near a body of water or even a parking lot. Typically in urban areas, they prefer parks, recreation areas, or open campuses like hospitals, corporate office campuses, and even schools when near bodies of water geese can quickly flee across the water escaping for predators.

Are Geese on Your Property Dangerous

Geese are herbivores and arent considered a true predator, but they can be dangerous. If a goose is nesting nearby they can become fairly aggressive and may attack people, pets, or even another bird. Their aggressive nature should not be taken lightly. Even though geese often migrate seasonally, some species, like the Canada geese, may find an area they want to make a permanent home.  As their flock grows more geese will appear and a large flock of these aggressive geese can be difficult to handle. Having a property overrun by geese can be dangerous for residents, working employees, and even customers.

Understanding When Geese are Nesting

Sometimes homeowners wont see direct signs of a nest on their property, so it can be helpful to see some of the indicators these birds typically show during nesting periods. During nesting a goose will become more aggressive as they try to protect the nest. While nesting is happening the geese are more likely to start conflicts with humans, other birds, dogs, and more. Canada Geese can become aggressive, even with another bird. Look for geese that are out of place and seem determined to stay in that area. If they look like they are hiding while sitting, they may try to blend into their surroundings to protect their nest. Because geese are more aggressive during nesting, they are more likely to approach people and wont be as intimidated as they normally are. They may even hiss at humans nearby before launching an attack through the air. When in doubt, reach out to Go Geese Go to have a professional come and inspect the property and observe the behavior of the geese.

Canada Geese: Federally Protected Birds

Canada geese are federally protected in the United States, which means they have legal protection from harm. These birds are protected under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act, so it is illegal to harm nesting geese, geese eggs, or geese nests. In some instances, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service will provide an official permit that allows people to kill Canada geese on their property. When attempting goose control or control, people assume that killing the geese will keep flocks away from building their nests nearby, however, this isnt an effective way to control these wild birds. Even when geese are killed, their flock will often be quickly replaced by another flock of geese. By working with a professional goose control service we can create a controlled environment that will scare the geese into relocating away from your property.

Dont Move a Goose Nest

Sometimes property owners will attempt the control of geese by relocating each goose nest off their property, which shouldn’t be done for multiple reasons. Control of the nest would be considered illegal as Canada geese nests fall under the same federal protection laws as the birds themselves. Moving a goose nest is a federal crime that comes with serious consequences. Additionally, any goose nest that has eggs in it should remain untouched by humans. When a goose is in nesting they are very territorial and can become aggressive, and moving their nest can cause damage to the eggs. A nesting goose will also become confused even if their nest is moved a few feet from the spot they built it. If a goose is already nesting on your property in a dangerous or inappropriate spot the best solution is to obtain a nest destruction permit from the Division of Wildlife, then the nest can be removed and destroyed and the birds are encouraged to leave the property.   

Nesting Geese Will Not Abandon the Nest

Geese are quite stubborn birds and will be especially protective and aggressive during their nesting period. Because geese are protective of their nests, a goose will never leave their nest once the eggs have been laid. Fortunately for homeowners, the nesting period of a goose isnt very long. Goose eggs typically hatch four weeks of being laid. During that period the goose will watch over the eggs near the nest. The goose will keep them warm and do everything they can to keep predators, including humans, away from the nest. As the eggs hatch, the young geese will begin walking very quickly, and the parents will then instinctively lead the young geese to the closest pond. This means the optimal time for any sort of goose control methods would be before nesting begins, or after young geese have learned to fly in early August.

Avoid Feeding and Encouraging Geese

It isnt uncommon for people to attempt to interact, inspect, or feed wild geese, especially in public places like parks or recreation areas. Like many animals and birds, geese are naturally drawn to environments that provide comfort. Nesting near bodies of water is great for Canada geese and other geese species because it provides them with food, and an escape route to avoid conflicts with predators. While feeding geese may seem like a fun activity, it often encourages them to turn the area into their full-time home or continue returning to nest year after year. Your property can quickly become a hotspot for geese to nest at and make their home. Foods meant for humans arent great for geese either and can cause health problems for the birds.

Hiring Goose Control Experts

Regardless of what the geese on your property are doing, whether it be nesting or making the property their full-time home, speaking with a professional goose control expert is the best step you can take to resolve any issues you are running into. Every situation is going to be slightly different, but the professionals at Go Geese Go can utilize effective and humane techniques to give you peace of mind that these geese will not be permanent residents on the property. If you have a nesting goose we can create a plan of action to dissuade them from sticking around or returning annually for every nesting season. As a team of professional goose control experts, we can properly navigate federal laws and provide a safe and humane way to scare the birds away from your home or property.

Go Geese Go Control Methods

When you work with Go Geese Go we will use professional techniques to force the geese to leave the property. We utilized professionally trained border collies that have been taught to trick the geese into believing they are being stalked by a predator. This instills fear into the geese of the property and causes them to flee and sometimes never return. This technique utilizes their instinct to search for a suitable home. Go Geese Go utilizes this advanced technique for many properties industrial properties, corporate campuses, hospitals, recreation areas, municipal parks, shopping malls, office buildings, medical facilities, and more.

Why Other Control Gimmicks Dont Work

The unfortunate truth is that many fast goose control techniques marketed as easy fixes” are gimmicks that dont yield very good results. Often we speak with homeowners and property managers who have tried these gimmicks only to have them fail and then need to contact a professional goose control service. Gimmicks like scarecrow models, motorized models, and ultrasonic sounds inevitably fail since they dont trigger the same fear in geese as real predators. They will quickly learn these gimmicks are not a threat and more advanced techniques will have to be used to force the birds off the property. Because we have worked with geese for so 25 years we have a thorough understanding of their instincts and behavioral patterns and believe our mock-predatory techniques to be the most efficient and effective.

The Difficulties of Geese

Geese can be frustrating to deal with for multiple reasons. Beyond their instinct to flock together and return to the same nesting areas year after year they can be a nuisance during their stay on your property. Geese produce up to two pounds of fecal waste per day, which can add up very quickly and destroy the turf. Larger flocks can bring hundreds of birds to the area. Their aggressive demeanor is also difficult to deal with.   

Talk to a Geese Expert Today

Geese infestations can be extremely difficult to manage on your own, especially considering they often return to the same nesting sites year after year to create new offspring for their flock. A goose infestation can bring aggressive goose, excess goose waste, and they can be an irritant to customers, residents, and employees. Go Geese Go offers humane and safe geese control services that can train the geese to leave the property out of instinctive fear and potentially never return. We work with many property managers and businesses of all different sizes with different geese related problems. Reach out to our staff today to schedule our services or have someone come to your property to determine the best plan of action.